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    Ajax technique to enter data and display updated data on a template without reloading the whole template.
    The basic idea is to display a table within a restricted area on the main template. Open a new template that enables one to create new data and immediately refresh the table so that it includes the new data.

    The "host" template

    The extremely simple host template comprises of :
    - a "Test" button which opens the data entry template "postback_test" via a javascript,
    - a fixed value assign for test purposes
    - a QAJAX tag to call the "testcallee" template which receives the creditor_id_entry value via the QREQUESTPARAM
    - a script to trigger the QAJAX
    - a DIV to display the result

    The "Test" button opens the following:


    This template just creates a new record in the debitor table for a creditor id of 923, tells the window opener template ("test") to run the tcall script and close itself.
    The tcall script in the "test" template calls the QAJAX "postback_test" which fills in the list of all debtors for the creditor 923.


    Here's a quick clip.

    the action


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