About Using Wiki Tools on iPhone or iPod touch

A specialized version of My Page loads when you view wiki tools on iPhone or iPod touch. This version keeps you apprised of the latest content updates.

Similar to using wiki tools on the desktop, you can:

There are a few key differences:

  • You can't create or edit wiki pages, blog posts, or events.

  • Blog posts are initially excerpted and can be tapped to be viewed in full.

  • Group calendar events are shown in a chronological list.

  • You can't search using tags.


listQuick SearchesQuickLinksQuickLinks4/wikihelp/en.lproj/search/?tag=wikiurlWikiwikiWiki/wikihelp/en.lproj/search/?tag=blogurlBlogweblogBlog/wikihelp/en.lproj/search/?tag=calendarurlCalendarcalendarCalendar/wikihelp/en.lproj/search/?tag=mailing+listurlMailing ListmailinglistMailing List